About Me






My name is Lingxiao Yang. Many guys are likely to call me small young. Currently, I am a PhD (or not) student in the Department of Computing at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, supervised by Prof. Lei Zhang and Prof. David Zhang. My research interest is Computer Vision and Machine Learning. In next few years (or a very very long time), I will focus on the Deep Learning and its applications, especially in the Visual Question Answering problem.

Previously, I was a research assistant at Visual Computing Research Center (now moving to Shenzhen University) at Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT), Chinese Academy of Science (CAS). During my working at SIAT, I closely collaborated with Dr. Xiaohua Xie, with the researches on Material Recognition and Mid-Level Parts Discovery for Visual Recognition.

P.S: I am also a big fan of Detective Stores, or Cartoons (e.g. Conan).


Department of Computing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Address : Room PQ724C, Mong Man Wai Building

Telephone : +00852 9519 3191

E-mail : Lingxiao.Yang717@gmail.com